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Go Woon Choi is a Korean-born artist working in LA. Starting at a very young age she has been painting, sculpturing and welding.
She is now exploring the beauty and possibilities of everyday objects. The idea came from making interesting forms out of common objects around her. On one of her travels, she saw some tools in a blue plastic box in a hardware store, this started the exploration. She first wanted to capture the strong feeling of this image, then she concentrated on making her own composition by employing light reflections and silhouettes of the objects.
Her interest in common objects is rooted in her idea that “even common objects can appear strong and fantastic under different light conditions and environments”. Transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary visual experiences, with repetition and variation. Objects are combined into one unrealistic construction, building a hybrid form of semi-abstraction. The background monochromatic color stresses the silhouette of the image continues to develop beyond the canvas. The light changes on the surface give an impression of constant motion. Sharing the process of its becoming, ordinary objects can provoke intense emotions of strength and energy.

Aritst : Go Woon Choi

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