1995                 Graduated SUNHWA art middle and high school

1999                 Graduated EWHA Women’s university of Fine art

1999                 the 115th anniversary of the founding Special Exhibition of
                         Ewha Woman’s University

2002                 Graduated Academy of Art University in  computer art


2000-2010        Worked as a digital artist in the film and games industry 


2012-2017        44-49th KAASC annual art show 


2013                 'ORANGES&APPLES 3013' 2/28~3/13 2013 in Coohaus Gallery ,                Chelsea, NY

                         Joined 'FOUNTAIN ART FAIR AT THE ARMORY' 3/8-3/10 in New York

                         Selected as LAAA (Los Angeles Art Association) member in 8/09 screening 

                         ‘Solo exhibition’ (the aesthetics of everyday life)- Sep.5~21.2013       in ‘gallery LS’-3sold

                          Joined 45th KAASC annual art show 


2014                  Joined `LA 33 artist group exhibition in gallery western on Jan10~17 

                          ‘Solo exhibition’- Feb.19~27.(Emerging artist exhibition in gallery Lamer) in Seoul.

                          Joined group exhibition `summer to touch` 6/29~ 7/12 

                          Joined LAAA's Annual Auction 7/26~7/29 -sold

                          Joined  ‘Group exhibition’- Aug.03~27 in 'Muzeo' in Anaheim.

                          Joined ‘3 person exhibition’- sep.04~27 in artCore in LA.

                          Ewha "Nokmeejun"Exhibition sep.27-Oct.3

                          Joined 46th KAASC annual art show 10.24-11.07

                          Joined selected group show 'AURORA' 11.15-12-05

                          Joined Spectrum Miami art fair -  Dec 3-7


2015                  Joined ` the artist` group show jan15~30.2015 SIA NY in N.Y.
                         `Solo exhibition`( the aesthetics of everyday life)-06.17-06.26 SIA NY in N.Y.
                          Joined `2015 California open juried exhibition`-Tag gallery in Santa Monica
                           -juror Jim Morphesis-sold
                          4,5,6th showcase winner -juror artslant.com team
2016                    Joined group show 'spiritual language`-Jan 5th-Jan 23rd -tag gallery
                            Joined group show ` Verdant Beauty -Jan 9-Feb 20rd MUZEO
                            Solo show `Everyday life`-Tag gallery in Santa Monica 2/23~3/19
                            Join scope New York  03/03-06
                               1,2,4,5th showcase winner -juror artslant.com team
                                Invitation art Exhibition-jersey city,new york 04/05~28
                                Joined selected group show `non sequitur`  06/25~07/22
                                Curated Selection for international issue 14,August-FreshPaintMagazine
                                Jointed Two person show in cafebene - in 49th time square N.Y  07/26~08/22
                             Jointed scope Miami Beach Nov. 29-Dec.4
2017                     Joined 'BEXCO'(Busan Exhibition and Convention Center) June 02-05 
                             solo show 'DALDONGNE'-Tag gallery June 13th-July 8th 
                             Group show- Yoonspace July.15-27-sold


                             Group show-Muckenthaler Cultural Center,Fullerton-Sep

2018                     Joined 'LA Art Show' Jan 10th-14th 2018 with 'BBIA' group


                             Joined Busan art fair 04-17-22 with insaart center and SIA NY.
                             3 person exhibition  ”Balance in Between” 7/7-7/30-Deker Gallery
                             Solo Show ‘Metaphor’-Tag gallery- 10/23-11/17


2019                     Joined 'LA Art Show' Jan 22-25 2019with 'BBIA' group 


                              Joined group show “quartet” -Lee &Lee gallery-Feb 9-Feb 22,2019 


                              Joined SFS art Fest-May.3-5,2019 


                              Joined group show “Crossing” May.4-16,2019-Western Gallery 


                              Selected ‘Made in California’ May 4-June 28,2019 


2/5-9 2020.        Fabrik project gallery (core gallery of La art show)

                               LA art show 

            2020.        Solo show in 'Fabrik project gallery'



Aritst : Go Woon Choi

E-mail: sartist@hotmail.com


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